The Beauty, and the not so Beautiful

I picked From Grimm to Disney because I knew that the way Walt Disney portrayed the characters from the Grimm fairy tales doesn’t exactly match up to the original content. That’s pretty interesting if you ask me; although, a lot of things are interesting about the missing gap between the Grimm Brothers and Disney’s depiction of characters.

I am currently in this course for a few reasons.

1) To know the difference and why there is a difference between Disney’s stories and The Brother Grimm’s writings. If the Grimm Brothers were so famous in their writing, ironically not in their Märchen, then why did Walt feel the need to change their stories. Is it for the sake of the children?

2) I wish to accomplish a better understanding of it all so that when I go back to NYC, I can tell my little sisters all about their favorite tales and just spread the knowledge.

3) To see my favorite fairy tales in a completely different perspective and to be able to talk about it to people who are interested in it as well. If there is anything I’m looking forward to in my transition to college, it is being able to read my favorite fairy tales as bedtime stories yet again. And be graded for it!

 ~My Favorite Fairy Tale~

Hmm, if I love watching Beauty and the Beast, reading Beauty and the Beast, and even sometimes sleeping with a plush of Belle, does that mean my favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast? Absolutely.  When I watched it at a young age I knew that every aspect of the movie had some symbolic meaning to it. I mean really, have you ever thought why Belle’s was so opposed to marrying Gustan? Or even why the flower was so important (besides obvious reasons mentioned in the tale).  And also, who wouldn’t love a character like Belle?