Reflection: The Boys and Girls Club

            The service learning project experience that I had was enjoyable. I only regret not being there for the first two weeks. I had to leave for home the first Friday of the project and unfortunately missed our first week of lesson plans. Because I was incredibly excited I planned out […]

Feminism in Snow White

Snow White is a doll and all girls should be like her, says the feminist Anne Sexton in her poem on Snow White.  Arguably, this read is far more interesting than the original story because there is an abundance of sarcasm and modern- day language. Anne Sexton shows us her point of view by indicating […]

Snow White

Snow White, Grimm version, is by far better than Walt Disney’s version. Unfortunately, this blog cannot be biased and say how amazing the original story is. Instead, I will compare the two versions (and contrast them), then you can be the judge on which is better.           Let’s talk about the mother figures in both. […]

Cinderelly Cinderelly

Cinderella is an awful story with a terrible plot and unrealistic characters. And just like that sentence, the theme of “Rags to Riches” isn’t exactly portrayed without some sort of hyperbolic message. Cinderella is a classic tale in which a girl rises up from the ashes and into gold. Metaphorically of course. In order to […]

Hansel & Gretel

Hansel and Gretel is another Grimm tale that has been revised as an animated film. The 1987 version of this was able to retell the tale, but also keep the original story lines the same. Because Hansel and Gretel are full of symbolism, it’s important to note that the film version kept those symbols in […]

What, Say You, Is a Fairy Tale?

More like what do I say is a fairy tale.  After being in From Grimm to Disney for 2 weeks I definitely have grown fond of the German term Märchen.  At a first glance, these stories can range from the basic structure: Hero faces a conflict then solves it and lives happily ever after, or […]