This is Not Intended to be a Sappy, Heartfelt, Good-bye Blog…

… but my First Year Seminar class has proved to be the best analyzing class of them all. After reviewing my posts, I can gradually see myself delving into the literature that is fairy tales, and picking out the very things that make it unique. I can see now that the class wasn’t simply reading a fairy tale and talking about it. I have learned about the Grimm brothers who “contaminated” fairy tales because of the “Zeitgeist” of the time. I put those words in quotations because prior to this class I had no idea what either of them meant.

I remember writing about my favorite-ish fairy tale (Beauty and the Beast) in the beginning of the semester and actually having the privilege to create a presentation based off of what Marina Warner had to say and it was just incredible. I saw childhood favorites transform in a way that I would never think of. I learned about the various approaches of analyzing any piece of work i.e. Freudian, Jungian, Marxist, and even a feminist approach. I must admit, my number one choice for an analysis would have to be the latter.

Like I said before, this class was definitely an opener albeit it was not always glitter-ful. My first essay proved to get the best of me when I failed to connect my thesis to my conclusion, or I had a sentence just out of place. It was moments like these that made me see that this class is not something to take easily. It requires a keen eye to details, which is something else I have developed throughout my first semester in college. Overall, the blogs that I have done have shown that I can analyze any piece of work from a fairy tale to a movie. And now I am of myself for sticking through the class because I have progressed immensely.



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