Let Down Your Hair




So I know that the film Tangled is absolutely different from the original tale except the symbols and motifs it provides. For example, in Tangled, Rapunzel is actually a princess who was locked in a tower long before she turned 12 (as written in the film). This cartoon interests me because there is an elevator which leads up to Rapunzel. Because of this, her hair seems absolutely unnecessary which wouldn’t add to the plot-line at all. Although this is an online faux-Rapunzel cartoon, I decided to try to  analyze this more deeply than what beholds the eye. The fact that the colors on top of the tower are red and yellow doesn’t contribute to the story neither. Think about it, if the Grimm Brothers depicted a tower which was red and yellow then how could the King’s servants (from the movie) not find Rapunzel? The colors are opposite of what camouflaging is. 



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