Cupid and Psyche and Oh My! The Brothers Grimm

The story of Cupid and Psyche can relate directly to the stories of the Brothers Grimm. Not exactly them themselves. Psyche is the youngest of her sisters and this is basically the story of Cinderella or Beauty from Beauty and the Beast. Now, because this is Greek mythology, there is a god. Her name? Venus. She is the goddess of beauty and becomes extremely envious of Psyche because others see her (Psyche) as the epitome of beauty.  If I focus on just one story, let’s say Cinderella, this is the exact same thing that happens. It’s absolutely amazing to find the similarities between these two stories. Cinderella is very beautiful and the step-mom becomes so jealous and full of rage that she forces Cinderella to be a servant for the family.

Venus sends her son Cupid, who is the god of love, to pierce Psyche with his obvious arrow and make her fall in love with what is known as the “bad” kind of guy. Cupid is so engorged with her beauty that he shoots himself instead. This is where the similarities go off a tangent a little. In Cinderella, there isn’t a plot to make Cinderella look bad in the eyes of others. The step-mom merely makes her not known at all. Cinderella hardly goes out of the house unless it involves cleaning.

In Cinderella, the prince seeks out a princess. In Cupid and Psyche, the opposite happens. Cupid falls in love with Psyche, but it is she who seeks a husband out and in return he is there, but she never sees him until her sisters convince her she must. So she shines the light on Cupid in the darkness. In the picture you can see her actually bringing a certain lightness to a sleeping Cupid.  Unfortunately Cupid becomes sadden that she did not trust her husband and leaves. I wish kids were told this story; it has such an amazing lesson behind it.

Now, just like Cinderella, Psyche has to sort of some sort of beans in order to see Cupid again because she did repent for her actions. Sadly, Venus doesn’t allow it because she is also filled with rage again.  Just as Cinderella picked from grain to meet the prince, so did Psyche. Here is where the story of comparison changes. As Psyche carries out tasks set by Venus to see Cupid, she foolishly opens a box from Persephone (goddess of the underworld for 3 months a year) and instantly falls asleep. Sounds familiar? This relates to Snow White’s slumber in Snow White. And just like the prince did, Cupid awakens Psyche and they live happily ever after for eternity.


 That’s the princess from The Frog King or Iron Heinrich.




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