Little Red and Granny

This cartoon is obviously supposed to elicit a humorous chuckle out of whoever sees it. But is that all that it is really doing? I believe that this cartoon also wants to show the protective side of the grandma from the story Little Red Cap. Let’s go back into the story. In the beginning, the interdiction is addressed to the hero. It is said by the grandma and after that, we never hear of her again in the story. In this cartoon, it is apparent that she is still very much alive and warns the child again. This can also be seen as self-sacrificing because if Little Red took heed of her grandma’s 2nd warning (as portrayed in the cartoon) then she would be safe while the grandma forever lives in the big, bad wolf’s stomach.

I like this cartoon because it is funny and anyone can understand it. Because we read the story, the assumption that the grandma is actually in the wolf’s belly is correct. I also like it because it makes me wonder, what would happen next? If this was the real story, how would it end? I’d like to picture a few scenarios.

1.)    Little Red leaves the place and never visit Granny again.

2.)    She doesn’t listen and then Little Red and Granny both carry out a conversation while in the belly of the wolf…

I actually prefer scenario two more than one so I think I’ll spend my time drawing my own special ending for this.


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