Snow White

Snow White, Grimm version, is by far better than Walt Disney’s version. Unfortunately, this blog cannot be biased and say how amazing the original story is. Instead, I will compare the two versions (and contrast them), then you can be the judge on which is better.

          Let’s talk about the mother figures in both. The Grimm version incorporates both a biological mom who tragically dies and the step-mom who is worse than Death itself. The Disney version typically eliminates most of the beginning story line and starts off with, who we can assume, is a representation of both the evil queen and mother. What a combination!

          Picture the reddest, most succulent apple you can think of. Now imagine it brutally forcing someone to slumber with only one cure. Or should I say two? In the Grimm tale, the apple piece that Snow White eats is accidentally lodged out of her throat. Coincidentally, a prince is there upon her awakening. Disney chose to emphasize this prince character by conveniently placing him in the beginning of the movie. This may not be obvious, but the prince in both versions plays as an important role as the queen.Sno

          The dwarves in both versions are physically similar. They are small men; however, in the Grimm version, they are not given names and are only in the story to advance the plot. But, Disney changed this by giving them characteristic names. I think he does this to emphasize the importance of men, and also diminishes them by how they are portrayed.

          In order to talk about Snow White, we must also talk about Snow White herself. The Grimm version portrays her as a naïve 7 year old who is constantly being deceived by her step-mom while also always being saved by men in dangerous situations. The Disney version actually keeps this general depiction of Snow White the same.

I believe Disney made the changes it did to give America hope. The movie was released in 1937, but was created during the Great Depression. The evil queen is supposed to show that women can plan out what they want and also achieve it with determination. On the flip side of the story, men are supposed to be the heroes and saviors for women. Disney did this because, at the time, men felt despondent of their financial situation and Disney felt compelled to show them that things can change.

Personally, the stories are always better to me. There are never spontaneous songs,  or animals that can clean a house spotless. Although it is a fairy tale, the Grimm stories are far more realistic than Disney’s versions whether we can acknowledge that or not.


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