Cinderelly Cinderelly

Cinderella is an awful story with a terrible plot and unrealistic characters. And just like that sentence, the theme of “Rags to Riches” isn’t exactly portrayed without some sort of hyperbolic message. Cinderella is a classic tale in which a girl rises up from the ashes and into gold. Metaphorically of course. In order to understand this, I’ll provide a brief synopsis of the entire story.

  1. A young girl’s mom dies.
  2. Her dad remarries an awful woman with two kids.
  3. He forgets about the young girl called Cinderella.
  4. She wishes for fabulous things from birds in her backyard.
  5. She goes to a ball and because of these fabulous things a prince falls in love with her.
  6. They live happily ever after.

I don’t think Cinderella really is a “Rags to Riches” kind of story. It is absolutely unrealistic. At least in our society it is. There aren’t any princes waiting in America to carry beautiful girls to an enormous castle filled with treasures. I do think it is possible for people to rise up from their social class with hard work and determination, but there must be a transition phase. It cannot simply be “From Ashes to Gold,” or “From Bottom to Top.” Consequently, “From Grimm to Disney” is the same. There were many tales in between.   Then again, what is a fairy tale without some magic in it? I think it’s to give people something to cling on. I guess we can call it hope.

Earlier I mentioned that this motif in Cinderella is portrayed as an exaggeration. I’m sure there are many stories in America now where people were literally nothing, and now they are something. It has to do with a certain mindset to be something greater than you. Cinderella doesn’t really show that. Sure, the underlying storyline is “Work Hard & Reap Rewards,” but there isn’t much to go by.  This is reality. We can’t live in a fairy tale forever…


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