Hansel & Gretel

Hansel and Gretel is another Grimm tale that has been revised as an animated
film. The 1987 version of this was able to retell the tale, but also keep the original story
lines the same. Because Hansel and Gretel are full of symbolism, it’s important to note
that the film version kept those symbols in there. For example, the house made out of
bread was prevalent in the movie as well as the film. The bread crumbs that Hansel
uses to guide him and his sister back home is also there. It’s relevant because
according to Bettelheimm, the bread crumbs symbolizes Hansel’s lost of logic after
surviving one night out in the woods.

One thing the movie did differently is the mother. For whatever purposes the
director had, the mom is portrayed as an evil person, but her character has more depth
to it. She has a motive to be evil. Most films produced from the Grimm tales leave this
out which makes it easy for viewers to sympathize with the heroine. In Hansel and
Gretel’s case, the heroines.


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